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"Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage
to love ourselves, even when we risk disappointing others."
Brene' Brown

Annual Report 2019


Mission Statement:

It is our mission at Glenn R. Koch and Associates, LLC to provide a safe, therapeutic environment offering the latest evidence-based treatment modalities to individuals, couples, and their families.  We believe that addiction is a chronic disease which must be treated by addressing the underlying causes, conditions, behaviors, attitudes, values, family dynamics and purpose and direction of each individual. We also recognize the prevalence of co-occurring symptoms to include that of trauma and strive to create a trauma-sensitive culture through individual empowerment, program design, and an understanding of the relationships amongst trauma, substance abuse, and mental illness.  Our goal is to provide comprehensive services that will aid individuals, couples, and their families in long-term recovery and a purpose driven quality of life.



To help individuals regain their lives where it matters most; with their families, community, and themselves. 


This year has been a rebuilding year.  We have focused on improving our policies and procedures as we continue to move more in line with our DDAP partners, expand our programming, attracted skilled clinicians to our practice, and building community partnerships.

We have assembled a small team of clinicians with an array of specialties and have brought on Dr. Danny Hernandez as our medical director.  This allows us to expand our services to offer MAT through his private practice office in Allentown 

We have worked on developing the early intervention, and Intensive outpatient programming while starting new clinical groups through our general outpatient practices. 

We continue to provide DUI assessments through Lehigh county (how many) and are looking to partner with the county to provide Early intervention services in the upcoming year.

Currently we have served 67 individuals through our general outpatient services,  5 individuals in our intensive outpatient services, and assessed 41 individuals from Lehigh County.  

Shareholders are identified as: Glenn R. Koch M.A.. Licensed Psychologist, Tamara Whitehead, M.S., LBS, and Jaclyn Troia-Warren, M. Ed, LPC.

We are continuing to offer several Telehealth options across all of our services to meet your needs. Call for details


961 Marcon Blvd. Suite 312 Allentown, Pa 18109       

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