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Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Services (BHRS)


In response to the growing need for appropriate programs for children with autism andother pervasive developmental disorders, Glenn R. Koch and Associates, LLC is committed to helping families implement a home, school, and community-based alternative to help children realize their full potential.

The program specializes in providing intensive behavioral treatment for children who fall within various child and adolescent diagnosed disorders. Our service delivery is designed to be a long-term commitment, with children who receive services typically requiring 24 to 30 months of intensive intervention. We recognize that flexibility must be exercised to create an environment that is maximally effective for the child. The program is comprehensive and aimed at enhancing skills in the cognitive, emotional, and social/developmental domains. The ultimate goal is to facilitate a successful transition within developmental milestones. Curriculum emphasis is designed to meet the needs of children who vary widely in developmental levels and learning styles. Progressions from basic foundation skills are highly individualized. Skills are taught from a variety of therapeutic adaptations, depending upon the child's learning characteristics.

Specific adaptations are:

  • Applied Behavioral Analysis
  • Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA)
  • Individual and Relationship Process (DIR)
  • Sensory Integration Training
  • Fluency Training
  • Language Based Programs
  • Natural Environment Training
  • Social Skill Development Programs

Curriculum emphasis is comprehensive and designed to meet the individual needs of children who vary widely in developmental levels and learning styles. Initially, we concentrate on creating foundation skills in several critical areas. These become the building blocks for the subsequent learning of more complex skills. Progressions from the foundation skills are highly individualized. These skills are taught from a variety of therapeutic adaptations, depending upon the childʼs learning characteristics. We look to match the instruction to the learning style of the child. For example, some children learn better visually and spatially while others learn better auditorally or visually. Specific areas of strength are utilized as bypass strategies to build skills in the areas of relative weakness.

Imaginary play is seen as a very important part of skill development. Imaginary play helps children understand and absorb real life experiences, provide an outlet for stress relief and help youngsters manage and understand their emotions. As they pretend with friends, children learn to cooperate with peers and practice social skills such as sharing, taking turns and making conversation. Research has indicated that children use conversation almost twice as much when speaking with other children than with adults. It is also important that children need uninterrupted time for imaginary play, at least 45 minutes per session.  


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