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"Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage
to love ourselves, even when we risk disappointing others."
Brene' Brown
Behavioral Services


 Within our behavioral programs the mission of Glenn R. Koch and Associates, LLC is to train parents and professionals working with children with autism or other developmental delays to systematically build language and learning skills in an effort to motivate these children to develop spontaneous language, play skills and increase their social interactions. An individualized treatment plan coupled with high levels of consistency, repeated presentation of material, individually selected and strategically used motivators, carefully used prompting hierarchy and systematic planning for generalization are all needed for maintaining skill acquisition.

While the development of these foundation skills is seen as essential, it is the interactive relationships which involve affective exchanges that are important in developing language, cognition, emotional and social skills learning for the future. The ability to facilitate, sustain, and successfully transition from social interactions and to engage in an expansive range of social activities is seen as crucial for both communicative and interpersonal development of children. We comprehensively look at the child, not simply focusing on isolated cognitive skills or surface behaviors, but focusing on an integrated understanding of human development.

We recognize that flexibility must be exercised to create an environment that is maximally effective for the child. The services are comprehensive and aimed at enhancing skills in a variety of domains. We strive to organize learning experiences that will lead to enduring positive changes in functioning over time, across people and in all settings (including home, school, and community).   



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